Gangaa 15 January 2021 On Zeeworld

Gangaa 15 January 2021 On Zeeworld

1 Prabha her a thumbs up the , she to in a week. She revenge Ganga for Sagar pushing her out . She Ganga in a be unavoidable.

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morning, Madhvi . She a from Prabha, and her as Ghunghat wali mata ji. She asks why Madhvi so tensed is, has her .

She how that evil soul is troubling them, it ’t them she breaks its magic. She insists to her come and its magic, else their . She spots Aabha pushing Ruhi, then Madhvi it. Supriya and Madhvi run her.

Madhvi tensed and this with Ghunghat wali mata ji. Prabha now watches Aabha a , and says in balcony for . Madhvi the badly torn. Madhvi her at their . Prabha at how Sagar her out . Madhvi takes the , and to do . Ghunghat wali mata ji instructs her , Madhvi .

Ganga Sagar at . She informs Sagar that Niru is to him for . Madhvi comes downstairs, and speaks to them . She says she has a to her husband, has that they can’t .

Pulkit and Supriya to this, as Madhvi her . Sagar wonders why she is so. Madhvi them to room, as the evil soul is ’t . Ganga asks her to take any in rush, it. Madhvi decisively shouts that it’s her verdict.

Sagar , that they ’t . Madhvi takes a bottle and it over , deterring to herself don’t agree. Aabha coming downstairs there, . Ganga to room and asks her to the glass down.

Madhvi asks them first, Ghunghat wali mata ji arrives at . Madhvi to her , Ganga thinks it’s her brainwashing that Madhvi is all this. Madhvi calls her . Ghunghat wali mata at them . Madhvi says they don’t , Mata ji ’t . Prabha cheers the veil. Sagar and Ganga the . Prabha cheers that she has the bone of this already.

Ganga to the fan room. Sagar watches , then brings a stool for her. Sagar her, then thinks he tease her for in revenge of all years she teased.

Ganga curtly thinks he have helped her, then coughs the fan. Sagar ignores her . She smiles him and slips, Sagar holds her in his . They lock. Ganga smiles, Sagar smiles ; with a jerk Ganga realizes she day dreaming.

Sagar a with their . He they hadn’t grown up. Ganga a of Niru and Madhvi’s , smile the . Sagar sits there, what to Madhvi as she is the .

Ganga says Niru that Mata, as he had eaten that powder falling . Sagar says be of any use, they Nirandar now. Sagar a from , he informs Ganga that Niru is being discharged as now. He leaves the room, Ganga thinks for then takes Sagar’s in thoughtfully.

At , Ganga a Kashish’s shoulder. Kashish asks why she her so . Ganga asks for her to over this mata, as they to unveil her . Kashish says has trapped Madhvi, Madhvi has given to Mata. Ganga says Niru returning, Kashish be vigilant and that Mata to win. She then warns Kashish to be .

morning, Mata Is doing Pooja. Sagar and Ganga , Madhvi stood beside Mata ji she watches them there. Prabha smiles Ganga and Sagar, she then asks Madhvi to her husband as she that evil soul .

Ghunghat wali mata ji the diyas to Madhvi, then Aabha pouring oil in them. She there are six . She is connecting this diya with a straw to burst upon . the with , and it as a pious .

the Pooja, Sagar asks Madhvi what this all is. Madhvi Sagar to silence, as she to Niru herself he comes . Ganga notices the and asks Kashish it. Kashish says Mata ji the evil soul. Prabha sends Madhvi to get milk. Ganga notices the straw diya to the and it, Madhvi scolds her to get the milk. Ganga the kitchen and notices kerosene bottle .

Maharaj says he didn’t this kerosene, Amma ji’s is she isn’t and kerosene isn’t . Mata ji now asks Madhvi the diya. Supriya follows. Ganga wonders who have it , then asks Maharaj ji the . Maharaj ji couldn’t it kitchen. Madhvi asks Sagar Ganga , Mata ji asks Kashish to the diya. Kashish denies being a member, Mata ji forces her to the diya as she lives .Ganga , then hurries the . Kashish to the diya, Ganga hurries her crossing Ghunghat wali mata ji. Madhvi mata ji, Ganga the diya off .

Madhvi scolding Ganga. Ganga says she Kashish who have burnt her. She insists on Madhvi that this Mata to burn alive. Madhvi calls Ganga , Ganga says she be buttered what this Ghunghat wali mata speaks.

She says she kerosene bottle kitchen, and Amma ji’s . She to kill alive , and says there be Amma ji’s this .

Ghunghat wali mata interferes that she insulted at ’s . Madhvi apologetic. Ghunghat wali mata says she doing this for her , she had no in all this. She wasn’t to her anymore and . Ganga stops her to her she discovers what’s the . She to the Niru slipping over the door. run to him.

Niru and . Niru asks Ghunghat wali mata ji, Sagar prevents Ganga from telling him. Madhvi explains this Pooja is for his and requests him to her it. She asks Pulkit to take him upstairs. Madhvi to Prabha’s apologizing her. Ganga holds her up, boasting she the . Prabha laughs the veil, as Ganga a pious it.

Madhvi offensive, Ghunghat wali mata says she for them, and takes a from Madhvi. Madhvi stops her, Ganga ; Ghunghat wali mata to . She thinks that Ganga get to how that to ; and had run Niru she pointed at Aabha to be . Aabha the with the . Madhvi Ghunghat wali mata seated for Pooja .

Ganga kitchen to the there, then confirms Maharaj ji if he it . Maharaj ji unaware it. She confirms if he left kitchen? Maharaj ji says he went Niranjan water. Ganga who else is with Ghunghat wali mata and to over Aabha.

, Ghunghat wali mata says for which Ganga is her time. Ganga forbids her betray her, see her . She ’t come the of her face. Prabha alert Ganga’s suspects.

Ganga insists that now how and why Mata ji is doing so. Mata ji wonders what on in her , Madhvi trusts her and can her . Ganga says she has deep on God, and God her. She this veil of off Madhvi’s face, her in seven days.

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