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Mod Features: Mod Menu ~ 30 Features

  • Increased Jump
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Fire Rate
  • No Jump Penalty
  • No Radar Visibility
  • Minimap Radar
  • No Weapon Recoil
  • Perfect Crosshair
  • Hide Weapon
  • Rainbow Chams
  • Wallhack
  • Anti-Counter UAV
  • No Spread
  • Left Handed Weapon
  • Game ESP Bar
  • Game ESP Distance
  • Field of View
  • Aimbot
  • Silent Aimbot
  • Shoot to Aim
  • Field of View Check
  • Distance Check
  • Shoot to Jump
  • Shoot to Crouch
  • Shoot to Prone
  • Infinite Slide Loop
  • Jump When Shot
  • Crouch When Shot
  • Prone When Shot
  • Player Names Change

Necessary App Permissions to work: Phone, Storage & Overlay Permission.

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Note: With the latest update COD tried to patch chams & wallhack.

We still was able to mod it but its far away from being perfect. We try our best to do it better.

No Root: Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.12 Singed Mod(154 MB)

File OBB 1.0.12(1.63 GB)

Root Only: Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.12 Unsinged Mod(154 MB)

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