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Canada provides excellent healthcare services to both residents and non-residents residing in the country. But public healthcare sites only offer essential services to those covered by the local health insurance plan. On the other hand, private health insurance plans are more expensive but provide adequate and convenient service to clients.

Get to know more about medical insurance in Canada, the difference between the country’s public and private healthcare providers, the recommended hospitals that accept immigrants and expatriates, and the best types of insurance service for travelers, foreigners, and students.

Global Medical Cover for Expats Living in Canada

Canada is well known for its high-quality national health insurance program and the relative ease of accessibility to health services. Canadian citizens, and immigrants who qualify as permanent residents, have access to a single-payer, universal healthcare system. This insurance scheme is often referred to as Canada’s Medicare.

The guidelines and standards for the health insurance system in Canada are set by the federal government. The main aim of the program is to ensure an equal level of accessibility across the country, both for citizens and non-citizens living in the country. However, the actual administration of the national insurance program is the responsibility of each province and territory.

Are you confused about health insurance in Canada for expats, immigrants, and non-residents? Here is a comprehensive guideline on what expats, immigrants, and foreigners in Canada should know about how the local and international insurance plans, as well as the private health insurance in Canada work.

Canadian Health Insurance

Canada is a massive country, and when it comes to providing quality Canadian healthcare, geography can be a challenge! The concerns and priorities for one area might be vastly different from another. Rural versus urban demographics, linguistic traditions, the size of the Indigenous population, proximity of major hospitals, and cultural priorities all influence healthcare spending decisions.

For instance, the needs of the elderly Francophone population in northern Quebec can be very different from those of urban, east coast Halifax residents, with their large contingent of temporary students.

Advantages of Global Health Insurance in Canada

Foreigners and non-residents living in Canada have unique needs. It is nothing new to have expectations of receiving a higher level of service and better access to quality healthcare providers in the country.

If you would like to receive care outside Canada, you need an insurance plan with worldwide coverage. We recommend getting a global medical plan for this, especially for expatriates and international citizens living in the country. This type of plan provides access to a wide range of private and public hospitals, has shorter waiting times, and offers coverage in any country, including your home country.

Health Insurance in Canada for Non-Residents and Expatriates

As an expatriate in Canada, you have several options to get medical treatment and coverage from private insurance providers in Canada. For healthcare in Canada for non-residents, especially for those who may not be eligible for local plans, we recommend the following providers below.

For instance, the GeoBlue Xplorer plan is an excellent option for US citizens living in Canada. It provides up to 9 months of coverage back in the USA and in other countries.

Aetna International, on the other hand, provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate for international citizens worldwide.

Cigna Global is another great option that can cover a wide variety of medical conditions. It also has a modular plan design that will let you tailor fit the level of coverage you need for specific situations.

We have a team of international insurance brokers who can walk you through the pros and cons of each option. We can provide more information about each plan and provider to help you decide which is the best and most appropriate plan for you and your family.

Can an American Get Health Insurance in Canada?

US citizens living in Canada can purchase the GeoBlue Xplorer plan which offers comprehensive worldwide coverage. It also provides access to the Blue Cross / Blue Shield network of doctors and hospitals in the USA. The GeoBlue Xplorer plan offers excellent customer service and claims processing, so you can rest assured you will be well taken care of.

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