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Zara’s Nikah update 19 February 2021

Zara’s Nikah 19 February 2021starts when Zara’s Nikah update Thursday eighteenth February 2021, Salma discloses to Kabir that our Zara’s spirit isn’t in harmony, proceed to carry harmony to her and afterward show your face, get lost from here. Kabir cries and leaves. Zara goes behind him. Irfan discloses to Salma that I will go with him. He begins to leave however Kabir stops him and says you can’t go. Irfan says don’t feel that I am frail, I will execute your dad, I will proceed to get equity for my Zara. Kabir says my connection with Zara was unadulterated so I will get equity for her, give me a possibility. Irfan says this is certainly not a game, you need to save your dad. Kabir says istikhara. I need to see a fantasy to check whether I should utilize law or shoot my dad myself. I guarantee for Zara’s benefit that I will get equity for your little girl, I simply need to request that God get it. He kisses his hands and leaves.
Shahbaz calls his legal advisor and says you can’t lose this case. The legal advisor says we will plan everything. They hear a police alarm. Kabir and Zara come there. Kabir scowls at Shahbaz. Shahbaz says this police is for my security. Kabir says they can ensure you today however I will see a fantasy and inquire as to whether I should kill you myself or use law. He leaves from that point. Ruksaar gets Zara and says you are a worker here so don’t attempt to act over-shrewd. Zara comes clean with Ruksaar that Kabir knows and you can’t stop him now. She leaves.

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Kabir goes to his room and reviews his minutes with Zara. He offers namaz and goes to show him the route for Zara’s executioner. Ruksaar covers up and hears it.

Zeenat slaps Ruksaar and says you were important for Zara’s homicide? You ought to be embarrassed. Ruksaar says she removed my Kabir that is the reason I was with Shahbaz to murder her. Zeenat cries and says for what reason did you need to enter that wreck? Imagine a scenario where Kabir sends you to imprison. Ruksaar says Kabir will execute me, kindly save me.


Zara brings nourishment for Kabir yet he is imploring. She sits before him and says eat something, I will not leave till you eat. Would it be a good idea for me to remain here or not? Ruksaar has compromised me however I am stressed over the children. Kabir says it’s your decision, you can remain or leave. I thought you were extreme and will remain here, possibly I wasn’t right. Zara grins. Kabir says you can leave. Zara offers him food and says please. Kabir eats from her hand.

Shahbaz reviews Kabir’s words and says I won force and now my child is against me. I accomplished such a great deal so I should forfeit today.

Azra comes to Irfan and says Salma isn’t in her room. Irfan checks and doesn’t discover her. He calls her yet she doesn’t get. He leaves.

Salma is strolling out and about and reviews her minutes with her little girl Zara. She has a blade with her.

Shahbaz goes to Kabir’s room and sees him resting. He puts a noose around him.

Irfan discovers Salma out and about, she flees. He requests that she pause and tumbles down. Salma comes to him and inquires as to whether he is fine? Irfan says proceed to slaughter him, leave me as well. I have procured this regard yet id you need to end it then fine.

Shahbaz pulls the noose and hangs Kabir. Kabir is stunned. Shahbaz says I cherished you so much however you didn’t hear me out in view of that young lady, I can’t allow you to live now, you need to pass on, you adored Zara a ton so I will send you to her. He pulls his noose more… everything ends up being Zara’s fantasy. She goes to Kabir’s room. He emerges from the washroom, she runs and embraces him. Kabir moves away. Zara says I am heartbroken, I thought something happened to you. Kabir says I am fine, I understand what I am going to do.

Scene 2
In the first part of the day, Kabir comes in the living territory and tells the family that I will not kill Shahbaz, I will utilize the law to rebuff Zara’s executioner. Kashan discloses to Kabir that our regard is in question, you will record a FIR for him? Zara kicked the bucket as a result of her deeds. We will offer cash to Irfan yet you will not record a grievance. Kabir says right, I am not your sibling at this moment, I am a spouse whose wife was murdered and I will get equity for her. Ruksaar is strained. Amaan comes there and shows a tattoo that Zeenat composed. It says my granddad is an executioner. Zeenat says in the event that you go out and whine, at that point I will compose this on his head, on the off chance that you care about his future, at that point you will not go out. You both don’t consider others, in the event that you document a FIR, at that point my child’s future will be obliterated, I will not allow you to do it. Go however first murder us. I can’t carry on with a daily existence like that. Kabir wipes the tattoo from Amaan’s hand. Zeenat says I realized that you will not allow this to occur with your dad. Kabir says regard is in God’s grasp Amaan, don’t stress, he leaves. Kabir reveals to Zeenat that you can’t make me quiet so quit attempting. I will take my equity.

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