New Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix Lifts Its Loaded Dice Curse

Developer Larian Studios has released a new hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3. Hotfix 10 is aimed at balancing the loaded dice feature added in Patch 4. Previously, turning on the feature could accidentally doom you to terrible luck.

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The perk of loaded dice is to ensure that you’re not completely reliant on chance. If you get a string of bad luck, the loaded dice will favor you to have a few good rolls. However, folks have been complaining that the loaded dice are too weighted to the adverse effect as well, forcing streaks of bad luck on players if they happen to get several good rolls in a row.

“We noticed in your feedback that the RNG wasn’t feeling fun for you,” Larian Studios wrote in a blog post. “We’ve seen the dice described as being harsh, cursed, rigged and someone said the RNG was downright evil. We want you to have the best experience possible when playing the game and so the changes in [April 15’s] hotfix are here to help with your hit chance, if you’re playing with loaded dice.”

So from now on, loaded dice will only ever bend your luck in your favor. So if you get a streak of bad luck, the loaded dice will throw you a bone and give you some good rolls. And if you’re on a hot streak and only getting good rolls, the loaded dice will now just do nothing. It won’t punish you and curse you with bad luck. “This change also applies to NPC’s and enemies, so the effects on the relative challenge of combat should be minimal,” Larian Studios wrote.

The full patch notes for Hotfix 10 are listed below.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 10 Patch Notes

  • RNG:
    • Disable the failure RNG debt for combat rolls
  • Stability:
    • Fixed crash when examining a deactivated entity (like the Bulette disappearing).
  • Larian Launcher:
    • Added game pages for D:OS and D:OS2
    • Added a button for players to verify game files after a crash
    • Double clicking via LMB on the game selection section (Top left) no longer makes the launcher details disappear.
    • Update the bottom logo to add interactivity + make it clear it leads to
    • Selecting a game using RMB no longer causes the player to be stuck on one game
    • Added continue button so you can load your most recent save directly from the launcher

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